Weeknight Fish

For the last two weeks fish is on the menu more than ever before and I decided to make sure I have at least two fish dinners every week. I’m doing it mostly because its guilt free and I need to get rid of my Thailand Food Bonanza gut, but also because we get terrific fresh local fish around here.

This go to recipe is super simple, delicious and really can go with any fish you like. I’m more of a white fish kind of girl and lately I’m eating a ton of monkfish and cod. But that’s me…try this with any fish you love. The bonus is that it takes almost no time to make this meal and is totally doable after a long day of work.

1-2 Fish Fillets Per Person
Curry Powder
½ – 1 Inch Frozen Ginger
Coconut/Olive Oil or Spray

Pat fish with paper towel until it is very dry.

Season each side with curry powder and a sprinkle of salt. Grate frozen ginger over each side and pat spices down to adhere to the fish.

Heat a skillet over medium heat until warm then add oil. Let the oil heat 1-2 minutes then add fish. Based on thickness, you’ll need to cook on each side about 4 minutes. The fish is done when it flakes if you try to cut into it with a fork. Sometimes I have to cover the fish while it cooks if it is a particularly thick piece.

Serve with really anything. Rice is yummy with the curry as well as okra or really any green veggie.


If you’ve ever grated fresh ginger you know the answer to this. If not, I’m here to tell you, grating fresh ginger is a headache and makes a mess. For some reason my piece of ginger always turns into a stringy mess when its grated fresh. When you do it frozen, the ginger is more like dust that adheres really well to what you’re grating it over. No mess!


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