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Everyone has experienced that moment talking to someone about an idea they executed and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” That moment came to me talking to Bev Armstrong, founder and brewer of Brazo Fuerte Artisanal Beer. What is this genius idea? It’s her beer! Well, it’s more than that. It’s the idea behind it.

Bev explained to me that it’s about having a beer for post activity gatherings. You know what I mean…raise your hand if you run races only for the post race beer and party. Right. And typically that beer is very light, not flavorful and….well….uninteresting. It has to be or the party can’t really go on too long. Bev wanted to change that in a way that would still allow people to hang out for a while without being completely snookered and still have great interesting beer to drink. Thus, her full flavored sessions were born. With session beers being 4.5% alcohol or less, Bev created a product that could be consumed for a few hours and not leave you wanting more in the flavor department or with your head in a trash bin.

So, proverbial head slap, right? What a genius idea! So how’s it taste? Well, I tried 4 beers and here’s the verdict. The flavors are super interesting. She’s putting exciting ingredients into the beers like green tea and coconut and has figured out how to make the flavors part of the beer, not the center point. The Green Tea Pale Ale finishes with a grassy tea quality that is great for a hot day. The cacao nibs are upfront in the K-Wags Chocolate Coconut Brown Ale. I thought the coconut would give the beer a Mounds bar quality, but the coconut perfectly complimented the cacao without turning it into dessert. And my favorite was the Big E Session IPA. This is no surprise to me. The hoppy citrus and smooth finish was perfect.

For all you local supporters, here’s the great thing about Brazo Fuerte beer. The grains come from New England and the malt is coming from Western Mass! Not only that, according to Bev, the malt she’s getting comes from the first maltster in MA in many decades. Totally cool, right? By supporting Brazo Fuerte, you’re not only supporting a local brewer, but also the people who provide her supplies!

Brazo Fuerte will be at the Hyper-Local Brew Fest on June 10 & 11 at the Armory in Somerville. Get your ticket to the event and be sure to stop by Brazo Fuerte.

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Beverly Armstrong, Founder and Brewmaster – Brazo Fuerte




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