Soluna Garden Farm

Soluna LabelsIt’s been a really long time since I blogged a company that I’m interested in rather than my own cooking. Usually I blog for the Local Food Festival in Boston and get connected with great food businesses that I can get behind. But A couple weekends ago, while perusing the indoor farmers’ market, I ran across a company that I needed to share with someone. Luckily, I have you dear readers, and I think you should get on board with me!

Soluna Garden Farm is specializing in tea and spices! Soluna is a small farm in Winchester (yes, that close). All of their flowers and herbs are sustainably grown with no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or preservatives. So the only thing you’re going to taste, is what you’re supposed to taste! Shocking notion huh?

The first thing I noticed when I stopped by their stand was their rather large choice of teas. Probably because it is still winter here, and likely will be for the rest of our lives. They sell loose tea as well as brewed tea. With my army of tea selection at home, I decided to pass on the loose tea but had the nice girl at the table make me a Moroccan Mint to take with me. It was warm and delicious. I’m crazy about mint tea, but if you’re not, do not fear, the selection is nuts. They may have even been mixing up variations of their pre-mixes too….not 100% on that.

While I was sipping my tea I noticed their selection of spices and salts! Also a large variety to choose from. Admittedly, I am typically not a supporter of these pre-mixed spices. I feel like it’s a bit of a scam. If you have all the ingredients in your cupboard, why not just mix that up yourself? But as of late, my cooking has been a bit lazy so when I came across the Tuscan Dipping Blend, I smelled it (amazing by the way) and inquired ways to use it. The lady gave me the usual; pour oil over it and dip bread in it. Ok, that would have been marvelous because truth be told this stuff smelled amazing! But that definitely wasn’t going to sell me because I’m more of a special occasion bread eater. Then she said it. The one thing that would have sold me no matter what else she said. “It’s really good mixed into eggs.” How did she know? How could she know? So, of course I bought it. Then I saw a spice mix they called “On The Lamb”. If you read my blog, you know lamb’s not on there often. Ground lamb from time to time, but since having lamb in Greece, I worry about not properly cooking it and that would just be sad for me.

Soluna Spice Jars

So I decided to man up, buy this interesting spice and then go see my friends at Stillman’s at the Turkey Farm to get what I knew would be the best quality lamb around. They also have a stand at the winter farmers’ market. Per usual they talked out my meat choice until I was confident that I would not murder the poor lamb. I even showed them my new spice mix and they agreed it would be perfect.

As far as eating these, I mix the Tuscan Dipping Blend into my scrambled eggs and I marinated the lamb in lemon juice, olive oil and On The Lamb seasoning and grilled. Both of these were really fantastic. I’ve eaten the egg concoction several times since I purchased it…like every day, don’t judge me and don’t you dare judge me! Even as I browse their website to write this, I find myself curious to try more…Garlic Pepper….Sriracha Salt? This may turn into an obsession. I see Holiday gifts in the future of my family!

Please check out this awesome company at a farmers’ market near you SEE CALENDAR, at their store location at 600 Main Street, Winchester or order online right away! You won’t be disappointed, promise!

Lamb SolunaSoluna Eggs


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