One More Pumpkin

It is winter and my guess is you’re sick of pumpkin. Autumn is pumpkin pie, pumpkin beer, pumpkin latte, pumpkin bread, pumpkin ravioli….it’s the Bubba Gump Shrimp of New England. Truth is, I have a hard time even getting on board at all despite my true love for pumpkin everything. I’ve never been a conformist…what can I say?
So I’m going out on a ledge to give you a suggestion for your pumpkin soup and pleading with you to try pumpkin just one more time for this season before retiring for the next two.
This recipe calls for you to make or buy your own favorite pumpkin soup. There is really no reason for me to blog the soup. Everyone has one they like and if not, there are about a million recipes online that are better than mine. I happened to buy some Tuscan pumpkin pasta sauce and added heavy cream and chicken broth to make it soup. Either way….use what you like. I’m just here to make your soup more interesting and flavorful.
Here’s what to do….
2 Cups Pumpkin Soup
Spicy Chorizo Sausages
Fresh Chives, chopped
Fresh Cilantro, chopped
Preheat your grill for about 15 minutes (or until it reads about 400 degrees). Grill the sausages for about 4 minutes on each side. A skillet may be used if you don’t have a grill.
In the meantime, heat up your soup.
Take chorizo off the grill and cut into bite size pieces. It may fall apart some…even better. Drop the pieces of one sausage into your bowl and pour soup over it. Sprinkle the top with chives and cilantro. Make sure you don’t skip the fresh herbs.

Pumpkin Soup 
You’re thinking this is too easy. And you would be right. In fact, this was really just supposed to be my easy Monday night post workout meal. I wasn’t going to share it. But…IT WAS FRIGGIN DELICIOUS! The spicy in the meat added something super special to the creamy soup. It was warm and interesting. Which frankly, I almost never find soup interesting and generally avoid it at all costs.
Try this out! I had it with a crunchy kale salad. Perfection!



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