West Coast BLT Po’ Boy

When I was a kid we did very little eating out. We didn’t have elaborate meals every night, but we just didn’t go out because there was no time or someone was tired. To be fair to all of us that work hard and have a million things going on, my mom didn’t work until I was about 15 so feeding us was important to her. Again, however, it wasn’t always roasts and big meals that took all day to prepare. In fact, we ate sandwiches pretty regularly. Sometimes it was because there was leftover picnic ham from a bigger meal and sometimes it was just a good old BLT! I’m not sure if you folks know how I feel about bacon, so I’ll clear it up! Bacon makes EVERYTHING better. I used to feel guilty about eating it, but I’ve gotten over that. In my opinion a small amount of bacon is better for me than an english muffin or bowl of pasta, so I’m over beating myself up about eating it. And frankly, I don’t mess with turkey bacon. It’s not bacon, it’s just not. You will not change my mind on that. So I had a hankerin for some bacon and a mess of leftover frozen shrimp. That’s when I decided I would make a cross between a BLT and a Po’ Boy. What came of it was something truly delicious but super simple! Josh and I were in bacon euphoria!

About 1lb raw shrimp, tail off
3/4 lb center cut bacon
Campari tomatoes, sliced
Romaine lettuce
Old Bay
Coconut oil spray
1 avocado
2 Tbsp Paleo Mayo
*If you’re not paleo, just use regular
2 Tbsp finely diced onion
Meyer lemon juice
*Regular lemons are fine, but Meyer lemons are in season and I adore them
garlic powder
cayenne pepper

Fry or bake your bacon until crispy. Pat off the cooked bacon with a paper towel and chop it up into large bits. While the bacon is cooking start the avocado sauce. Put one ripe avocado and the mayo in a mini food processor. Blend it until it’s completely smooth. Add 1/2 a Meyer lemon’s juice and blend again. Transfer that to a bowl and add onion, a sprinkle of garlic powder, s&p and a small small amount of cayenne pepper. Put plastic wrap on the surface of the sauce and store in the refrigerator until you need it. Not for days mind you, the avocado will start to oxidize and turn brown. Then make sure your shrimp are thawed completely and dried off with no tail. I like when I get good grill marks on them and that won’t happen if they’re a bit damp. Sprinkle them with a generous amount of Old Bay seasoning. Get your grill screaming hot. I did this on my indoor grill and I actually liked it better especially since I didn’t have to put them on skewers. Spray your grill with coconut oil spray and put the shrimp on. Flip them over about 3 minutes into cooking if you’re doing it on the indoor grill. If you’re skewered them and are grilling outside you’ll need less time. I used Romaine lettuce as my vessel for everything. So on the lettuce, I stacked up the tomatoes, sauce, shrimp and bacon bits and wrapped them up! Josh put his on a bun, but honestly even if I did eat wheat, I wouldn’t have this time because all the flavors popped and I think the bread would have outweighed a really delicious mix of flavors. He did love it though, so I don’t know.

This was a light meal that was creamy, spicy, salty, smokey and fresh all at the same time. I highly recommend you try this one and even if you eat wheat, try it without, I think you’ll be happy you did.

West Coast BLT



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